Email is out of control...and it's hurting your business!

Your employees spend up to 40% of their day managing email communications. We can help them do this efficiently.

MailMatters allows your employees to set their own rules, priorities, and filters to eliminate 'email noise' so they can focus on real, productive work.
For Outlook 2007/2010/2013
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Five Steps to a Highly Productive Inbox... That You Control

1. Create A Tab

Click on "Add" and give your tab a name. Your new tab appears above your Outlook inbox right away. With MailMatters, you can create six custom tabs.

2. Drag & Drop An Email

Find an email message that belongs in your new custom tab. Then just drag and drop it onto the tab.

3. Set Up A Rule

Tell MailMatters how to handle this move. Unlike traditional Outlook rules, MailMatter rules don't require a PhD to figure out, and take just seconds to set up.

4. Sit Back & Relax

MailMatters automatically reclassifies similar messages in your inbox. It even puts new incoming messages in the right tabs as they arrive.

5. Enjoy!

Any time you glance at Outlook, you'll see colored counts of how many messages are waiting in your tabs. Finally, a simple inbox that puts you in control!

Powerful Built-In Tabs

Enable tabs to filter out junk, save emails from auto-deletion, and more.

Up to Six Custom Tabs

Categorize & sort your mail by matter, project, customer & more.

Extreme Ease-Of-Use

Powerful yet simple and enjoyable, with zero learning curve.

Security & Compliance

No changes to your actual inbox, and messages stay local on your PC.

Control of Alerts

Stop interruptions from low-priority email & see alerts that matter.

File Faster to DMS/CRM

Move emails to your DMS/CRM in minutes by having them in one tab.

Feel In Control Over Your Email

Who controls your inbox today? It's not you--it's the people who send you mail. MailMatters puts you in control by letting you create custom tabs and drag senders where you want. New mail from them goes into tabs you choose, and you can even silence alerts for low-priority senders.

Never Miss An Important Email Again

Inbox anxiety is a common cause of stress in the workplace--we all worry about missing mission-critical emails and failing to respond! MailMatters solves this problem by putting high-priority mail in special tabs and displaying custom alerts.

Save Emails from Being Deleted Automatically

Most law firms and many major corporations purge emails automatically after a set number of days. Avoid losing your important email records by seeing a list of emails about to "Go Away" to file them for safe-keeping.

File Your Emails In Half the Time

It takes far too much time to find and file messages to your company's DMS or CRM, doesn't it? File them in half the time by letting MailMatters keep your email organized in tabs--by case, matter, project, deal, or customer!

Remove Inbox Confusion / Gain Clarity

New research is showing just how much mental exhaustion we face each day trying to keep our jumbled inboxes organized in our own minds. MailMatters eliminates confusion and provides clarity by letting you see email categorically, the way you naturally think about things.

Work Smarter and Get More Done

Outlook notifications interrupt us about 112 times a day. Yet only 30-40% of these alerts are for emails requiring a fast response. MailMatters gets rid of low-priority alerts so you can focus and get more done.
Our Customers
Our customers are busy professionals who want to regain control over their Outlook inbox. MailMatters is widely regarded as the most intuitive inbox management tool for Outlook users.

To evaluate MailMatters for your own use, sign up for the no-risk 14-day trial. Interested in a firm-wide pilot of MailMatters? Contact us for details.

Words from our customers

  • Very easy to use. The way you’ve set it up is perfect for executives!"

    - CIO at an AmLaw 200 Firm

  • So far MailMatters has impressed me more than I expected."

    - Exchange Administrator at an AmLaw 200 Firm

  • The Low Priority inbox lets me delete as a group... much more efficient!"

    - CFO/CIO at a Regional Hospital & Medical Center

  • I need this. I get too much email. Can it just napalm my inbox??"

    - Partner at a National Law Firm

  • Our execs receive 300 to 400 emails a day. It’s a huge problem for us!"

    - CIO of a Top 10 Law Firm

  • The CC feature is unique and is really a smart way to get through those emails."

    - CIO at an AmLaw 200 Firm

  • This is a must-have solution for busy Outlook users. MailMatters is a lifesaver!"

    - CEO of a Medical IT Firm

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