Reprise Pre-Sorts & Prioritizes Incoming Email Automatically

Reprise for Outlook helps professionals remain responsive to clients and focused on the most important work.

The result is better quality work and increased profitability.
  • Very easy to use. The way you’ve set it up is perfect for attorneys."

    - CIO at an AmLaw 200 Firm

  • So far the tool has impressed me more than I expected."

    - Exchange Administrator at an AmLaw 200 Firm

  • The Low Priority inbox lets me delete as a group... much more efficient."

    - CFO/CIO at a Regional Hospital & Medical Center

  • I need this. I get too much email. Can it just napalm my inbox??"

    - Partner at a National Law Firm

  • Our attorneys receive 300 to 400 emails a day. It’s a huge problem for us."

    - CIO of a Top 10 Law Firm

  • The CC feature is unique and is really a smart way to get through those emails."

    - CIO at an AmLaw 200 Firm

  • This is a must-have solution for busy Outlook users. This app is a lifesaver!"

    - CEO of a Medical IT Firm

Introducing MailMatters - our latest product!
MailMatters is a version of RepriseMail that lets you create your own custom tabs! It does not offer a VIPs tab or CC & BCCs tab, instead giving you Primary, Bulk Mail, and the ability to create up to 6 custom tabs. Are you a lawyer? Create six tabs for your top matters and cases. A professional? Create six tabs for your key projects and customers. Create tabs for what matters most to you.

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The Business Solution for Email Overload
Reprise puts new email into organized tabs. This reduces confusion & clutter -- so you can focus on what matters.

Priority Inbox Tab

Most likely, only 30-40% of the emails you receive require immediate attention. Your priority inbox contains only these important emails -- so you can focus on important things first.

VIP List Tab

Have you ever missed an important email from a critically important client or your boss? After you set up your VIP senders, their messages will be flagged top priority!

CCs and BCCs Tab

Your Inbox is probably cluttered with CCs and BCCs. Sure, you want to see these messages, but they should be in their own folder, where you can scan them quickly and efficiently

Low Priority Tab

Reprise automatically filters advertisements, Tweets, LinkedIn updates, and other promotional emails into your Low Priority inbox, where they’re out of the way.

Fewer Distractions, More Focus

It can be hard to focus on work when Outlook alerts you of every new message that arrives. Reprise only alerts you when priority and VIP mail arrives. Whew!

Secure Outlook Plugin

Reprise works with 2010 and 2013. Here are five quick facts about its performance and security to put your mind at ease.

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